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Much has evolved in medicine and ultrasound since we founded our obstetric ultrasound unit at Weill Cornell in 1987. One dimension that has stood the test of time is AS Software.

For over two decades, AS Software has provided personalized, state-of-the-art, friendly service adapting to whatever has been necessary.

We wish AS software continued success and happiness with their proven record of professional excellence for many decades to come.

Frank A. Chervenak, M.D.
Given Foundation Professor and Chairman
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
New York Weill Cornell Medical Center
New York, NY

Our ultrasound unit, serving one of the busiest obstetrical units in Manhattan, performs over 25,000 scans and procedures a year and has been utilizing the AS reporting and archiving system since 2003. Everything in this reporting system is geared towards helping the physician generate a detailed, comprehensive, clear and organized report in a minimum amount of time and with a minimum amount of effort. It is a surprisingly user-friendly system, both from the perspective of our sonographers that enter the basic data as well as our MFM specialists that edit the reports. Almost every aspect of the report has been easily customized to suit our specific needs and preferences, and we are easily able to continuously tweak various aspects of the report according to our needs.

In a unit such as our own, where over 100 reports are generated daily, you don't want to spend time on a cumbersome reporting system. The AS system has turned the task of creating a report into an effortless task, where a few keystrokes are often all that is necessary to complete the job. The image viewing system is fast and efficient, and the file archiving system is simple and straightforward. In addition, the system allows us to generate a wide range of statistical reports as well as detailed searches for the purpose of research. In the rare cases that we have had a technical issue or problem to resolve, the support staff in AS has been extremely responsive and helpful. In short, it is not difficult to understand why we love using the AS system, and why our referring physicians love the clarity and the layout of the reports they receive.

Barak M. Rosenn, M.D.
Professor of OB/GYN
Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons
Director, Division of Obstetrics and Maternal-Fetal Medicine
St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center
New York, NY

I rarely give product endorsements; however, my recommendation for AS Software is an exception. In 2006 we purchased the AS software system for our large Maternal Fetal Medicine unit where we saw over 17,000 patient visits last year. Prior to utilizing AS Software we were generating paper ultrasound reports that required several days to get into the hands of referring physicians due to editing and mailing.

Since we have been using the AS Software system our work efficiency and productivity have changed dramatically. Our reports are generated on the spot and faxed immediately upon signing. Physicians can edit and sign the reports on an ongoing basis throughout the day rather than waiting for sonographers to generate and edit them between patients and after office hours. Referring physicians appreciate fast, easy access to faxed reports usually on the same day as the ultrasound. The image review feature allows us to compare prior and present scans easily and quickly. The antepartum testing reports and Message feature provide a comprehensive paperless reporting solution. The ongoing phone support from the AS Software personnel has been superb.

I highly recommend the AS Software package to anyone who wants an easy and effective paperless solution with great client support.

David B. Fox, MD
Medical Director,
Maternal-Fetal Medicine
Riverside Hospital
Columbus, OH

I have been using the AS system since 2007 and I have been extremely pleased both with the product and with the service from the company. Before using the AS system, I routinely worked at home for 1-2 hours per night finishing reports and follow-up letters to referring physicians. I don't ever take work home anymore and I am able to see patients more efficiently in the office. One reason for this is the flexibility in the system - I have developed customized templates for common patient problems and it is therefore very easy and fast to generate consultation letters.

The image management system makes it easy to compare images from prior scans and is infinitely superior to storing images on DVD. I can also review images and reports from home if needed.

Additionally, the reports are easy to read and have a professional appearance. When I finish reports, they are automatically faxed to the referring physician so there is no extra work generated for my office staff.

We have had very few problems with the system, and the AS staff has been very responsive when we have called with issues. I highly recommend the AS system and I am very glad to be using it in my office.

Melinda McFarland, MD
Perinatal Fertility Specialists
of San Antonio, Texas
San Antonio, TX

I have worked with several ultrasound data collection, processing, and reporting programs over many years. The AS-OBGYN program is the most user-friendly and yet comprehensive and satisfying I have encountered. Data input is reliable, handling is easy, and reporting and billing processes are facilitated with minimal delay and maximal flexibility for the user. Querying of stored data is fairly easy and documentation of effort possible. AS Software's support staff is accessible and updating is timely and centralized for minimal intrusion into the work flow. I would highly recommend AS-OBGYN over any other program with which I am familiar.

Richard P. Perkins, MD
DuBois Regional Medical Center,
Perinatal Consultants
DuBois, PA

Over the past 20 years, I have had the opportunity to work with most of the major ultrasound software and data collection packages available throughout the world. Objective analysis demonstrates clearly that the AS Software package and support is absolutely superior to anything else out there. The work flow is logical, comprehensive, and easy to follow. The ability to retrieve and sort data is superb and particularly suited to managing the high proportion of multifetal pregnancies and anomalies that we see. With our previous system, there was not a single day in which every single typical situation we encountered could be logically reduced into reports. With AS, we have never had a single situation in which it did not work. This has made our reporting to referring physicians faster and more accurate. These systems should be like the umpires in baseball: if you notice them too much, then they are not doing their job properly. The AS system provides excellent support and documentation and seldom requires attention paid to it,per se. I cannot think of a better solution for any ultrasound program – either huge or small – that requires proper, fast ,and accurate documentation of their work with built in safeguards to make sure the necessary data were collected.

Mark I. Evans, MD
Director, Comprehensive Genetics, PLLC
President, Fetal Medicine Foundation of America
New York, NY

It’s hard to believe that I have had AS Software since 1993. I have used it in three different institutions (two Large Academic Centers and one Private Practice), and have found AS Software to be extremely useful in each. Why this particular Software when there are many others available? In one word – Flexibility, although I could also describe it with many other words such as user friendly, reliable, concise, efficient, fast, or seamless. Physicians, sonographers, office support staff, and office managers have found AS Software very easy to use.

On a busy day it is not unusual to get a phone call from a referring practitioner asking about a particular patient that was seen in our facility. From my desktop, I am able to pull the patient’s records from AS, view all of the current and previous images, reports and recommendations made by myself or my coworkers and answer questions more quickly and confidently. Customized templates allow you to insert an explanation of the findings directly onto the report. Once done, you can run a spell check and if you are satisfied auto-Fax the report to one, two or more providers eliminating the need to fax or mail the report. Physicians get an immediate report instead of waiting days to get it in the mail.

Over the years AS has been extremely willing to customize templates, add tables, and take our suggestions to improve their Software. By far one of the stellar parts of this Software is the technical support. They will answer their phones in a matter of seconds, connect you to the right person and have your issue resolved. In case they cannot resolve it immediately, they work behind the scene, access your software and solve the issue as quickly and efficiently as possible. Upgrades are also transparent. They do all of their upgrades after hours so as not to interfere with the workflow. All of us have many choices when it comes to buying reporting software for our busy Maternal-Fetal-Medicine practice. After 18 years of using AS Software I would strongly recommend this particular software for its ease of use and its reliability. You will not be disappointed.

Jean-Claude Veille MD
Obstetrician & Gynecologist
Perinatal Associates of Sacramento,
Sacramento, CA

[The] AS-OBGYN Software has been integral to the growth and success of our Maternal-Fetal Medicine practice in many ways. Not only is the software user-friendly for the physicians and sonographers alike, but the ultrasound reports are concise, easy to interpret, and easily adaptable to the specifications of each individual practice's requirements. The addition of this software into our busy clinical practice has allowed us to accommodate higher patient volumes in a more timely and more efficient manner. The AS Software staff provided a seamless transition from our previous software reporting system and incorporated the new AS software into our new ultrasound machines in a collaborative effort with the ultrasound machine vendors. The experience our facility and department has had with AS-OBGYN has been quite fulfilling. I would highly recommend this product without reservation to anyone seeking practice expansion, growth and progress with the implementation of this software as one of the cornerstones to developing a more efficient and productive practice.

Sriram Perni, MD, FACOG
Chairperson, Department of
Obstetrics and Gynecology Director,
Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine
St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center
Toledo, OH

I just wanted to let your company know how pleased I am with your reporting package. It is so helpful having the imaging system in the same spot as the reporting. It makes it simple to refer back to the images if I should need any measurements or to clarify a particular image worth noting. Also the systems' ability to drop routine measurements right into the report makes it that much quicker to generate an accurate report. It was quite easy to learn and the report has a professional finished appearance. Another area that we found to be exceptional is the technical support that we receive whenever we need to troubleshoot a problem, which tend to be far and few in number. We are satisfied and probably would upgrade in the future. Thanks again for your time.

Paula Arnold, RDMS
Rochester General Hospital
Antenatal Testing Unit
Rochester, NY

Our department has been using AS Software since December, 2010, and I have been very pleased with both the software and the technical support provided by AS. The perinatal software is robust and flexible enough to meet our unique requirements while providing an aesthetically pleasing, very readable report for our referring physicians. The same statement may be made for the gynecologic reporting used by our Division of Reproductive Endocrinology and Fertility. The staff at AS are always willing to work with us to tweak and upgrade our system as technology changes and our needs evolve. I would like to commend you and your staff for your consistent professionalism. You are reliably available to answer our questions and help us solve problems quickly, allowing us to focus on meeting our patients’ needs. I look forward to continuing this association for many years to come.

Randall Floyd, MD
Director, Maternal Fetal Medicine and Obstetrics
Associate Professor
Missouri Center for Maternal-Fetal Medicine and Ultrasound
University of Missouri - Columbia
Columbia, MO

Hands down this is the best software program I've ever used. My staff and I have used many programs through the years. We chose AS Software due to the reliability of the audit trail, the ease in reporting, the layout of the report, the versatility of making changes and the option of storing and changing the micro dictionaries. The layout is easy to follow and the final report is comprehensive and easy to read. The autofax saves many clerical hours. The referring physicians are very impressed with the turn around time for reporting and its appearance. I’m really pleased that the images are equally as clear on the software as seen on ultrasound modality. The ability to post process measurements and add or delete annotations is a very convenient tool. The customer support is fast and seamless in assisting our needs. In short, I would definitely recommend this software to anyone looking for a quality software within a reasonable budget.

Victor H. Gonzalez-Quintero MD, MPH
Associates in Advanced Maternal Fetal Medicine
Miami, FL

I am writing to compliment your excellent service and support staff at AS Software.

Currently the DHMC Ultrasound Department is considering expansion of the reporting functions and subsequent implementation of the non-OB reporting component of the AS-OBGYN system. As we approach this new venture we wanted to recognize the benefits and service we have already realized from your staff in the past.

Any new system presents challenges and change. While we have encountered challenging and unfamiliar events in the operation of the AS-OBGYN product in the past, our concerns have been consistently handled in an efficient manner by your staff. The telephone support is encouraging, professional, and prompt. We have found your staff ready and willing to listen to concerns, investigate the issues, and whenever necessary, a follow-up phone call to our staff is usually received within in 1-2 hours - this is exemplary service!

Shiya Goldstein has been extremely resourceful especially when we have encountered unusual system operational problems. Competent follow-up is critical in the fast paced, hospital, patient-centric environment. Appropriate response facilitates concurrent quality patient care while the system problem is being resolved. As an example, our most recent system revision involved the follicular monitoring package. Because our Infertility Medicine Section requested that three measurements transfer, in addition to the volume for each measured follicles, this was a significant change - yet, your staff met this request within just a few days!

From the initial installation (2007) and throughout several system upgrades we have continued to experience smooth transitions from our previous Obstetrical-Reporting package. Considering the varied needs and learning styles of our staff of 16 physicians and 7 sonographers, the training period was easily accomplished and well accepted by the staff. Your onsite support, follow-up and commitment are truly commendable.

As we move forward and expand our reporting capabilities, we look forward to a positive continued working relationship! Thank you for the consistent and professional service you provide!

Dennis Seguin, RT, RDMS
Team Leader, Ultrasound
Department of Radiology
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
Lebanon, NH

I have been using AS Software since 2006. Prior to starting my own practice I had used other software packages while in fellowship and for the first 3 years following my fellowship as part of a large perinatal group. I can honestly state that the AS Software system is superior. I am able to preload the most common comments I utilize daily. I perform all of my own ultrasound examinations. It is the exception that I walk out of the examination room with the report not completed and faxed to the referring physician. The AS system allows me to be productive and not waste time with unnecessary paperwork.

Joshua L. Weiss, MD
Joshua L. Weiss, MD Associated
Dallas, TX

We have been using AS-OBGYN, and it has been a very positive experience. The software is extremely user friendly, has many options for different user preferences, and our referring obstetricians have commented on the easy readability of our reports.

We use AS-FAX to send all of our reports, which significantly shortens the time for the obstetricians to receive our reports and saves both paper and postage. We have also implemented AS-COMM, which reduces the chance of human error in entering our biometry.

The support staff at AS Software has always been available and helpful. They were instrumental in setting up our system so that we could use AS-OBGYN from our numerous office sites linked to a single server, so that we could access any of our patients from all of our offices.

Finally, AS Software has been very responsive to our suggestions for improvements, and we get frequent upgrades that reflect our needs.

We have been very satisfied with AS-OBGYN, and highly recommend it to any obstetrical sonography practice.

Richard L. Fischer, MD
Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology,
UMDNJ-RWJ Medical School at Camden
Co-Division Head, Maternal-Fetal Medicine,
Cooper University Hospital
Camden, NJ

I have been using the AS Software Ultrasound Reporting system since 1990. I have seen it evolve into an ever more sophisticated and user-friendly system. I think the most important aspect of the system is the accessibility of the support staff and their responsiveness to suggestions for improvement. The system interfaces directly with the Ultrasound machines and calculations are made based on a variety of biometric tables from published literature. Navigation throughout the system is intuitive and easy to use and integrates with the Image Management (PACS) module. Once a report is finalized it is faxed automatically to the referring physician.

As software systems go, I have encountered few glitches over the years, and when one appears, a quick phone call is all it takes to get a solution. The employees of AS Software are uniformly polite, helpful, friendly, and timely; from the sales and technical staff up to the president. All in all, I have been extremely pleased with the ease of report generation and the readability of the result.

Christopher O’Reilly-Green, MD, FACOG
Department of Perinatology
Doctors Medical Center
Modesto, CA

ASOBGYN eliminated a number of significant issues that we experienced with our previous software/vendor. Now, the department supervisor can focus on running the day-to-day operations instead of trying to work with a product that didn't meet our needs. In fact, thanks to ASOBGYN, the number of Help Desk tickets went from more than 20 a month to nearly zero.

AS Software has top notch support, and a product that is problem-free.

Pat DiFranco
IT Project Manager
Valley Health System
Ridgewood, NJ

I have been using the AS program for many years. The software program and support are extraordinary! It is very flexible and suited to meet individual needs. In addition, the AS team is very attentive to our support needs and continue to adapt the system to make ongoing improvements. It is extremely user friendly and, together with the PACS option that we use, maximizes workflow and efficiency. In an era of some very challenging EMR products, the AS ultrasound software program is an asset that I recommend.

Burton Rochelson, M.D.
Chief of Maternal Fetal Medicine
North Shore LIJ Health System
Professor Obstetrics and Gynecology
Hofstra North Shore LIJ School of Medicine

My partner and I opened a multi-office MFM practice 3 months ago. During the planning stages, I asked many colleagues for opinions on the software they were using or had used. I looked at demonstrations from 3 different software reporting companies. My mentor from residency highly recommended AS and I am very happy that I followed that recommendation. My chief sonographer and I were very impressed with the product from first glance at the demonstration. It is above and beyond what we have used in the past. The reports are easy to navigate both within the current report and between serial reports. The software is set-up so that I can view and finalize reports that are done in the other offices from anywhere, including my home in virtual real time. Our referring doctors have been very pleased with how quickly they can have the reports in hand. The report is well-organized and easy to read and provides a very comprehensive and detailed report. The system also has a very easy statistical reports feature that has allowed us to track our growth over time. That feature would also be very helpful with conducting research and has allowed easy reporting to AIUM and NTQR. The ability to post process measurements and add or delete annotations is a very convenient tool. We rarely have had technical issues, but on the occasions when we have needed help, the AS staff has been very responsive and helpful at walking our sonographers through the proper fix.

AS Software support was instrumental in enabling us to set up multiple offices through a single server. They worked together with our IT company and accomplished all of what we asked for and on our start-up budget.

I would recommend AS Software to any practice performing OB/GYN ultrasounds.

Kathleen Mayor-Lynn, M.D., MS-CI
The Perinatal Group
Franklin, TN

I support applications for the enterprise information services department, work with many different vendors, and have nothing but great things to say about AS Software. They have a knowledgeable staff who know our site's install base and are well-versed in the AS product line. They provided all requested documentation for our change control process and made our last version upgrade go very smoothly.

We here at Cedars appreciate the AS staff’s responsiveness, level of knowledge, and overall commitment to our site.

Gene Bram, CIIP
EIS Application Specialist II
Cedars-Sinai Health System
Los Angeles, California

The AS ultrasound reporting system has been an essential, core component of our US practice at the University of Louisville Department of OBGYN since 2003. Approximately 12 faculty members in our department use the reporting system for a full range of MFM, general OB/GYN, Reproductive Endocrinology, and Fetal Echo reports. I do not recall a day when the AS system was down. Support is excellent and the software interfaces well with our recently installed Allscripts EMR.

Vernon Cook, MD
University of Louisville Physicians
Louisville, KY

We purchased AS software in 2012. The format of the reports and the ease of use of the system is outstanding. After spending all day on our hospital’s confusing and disorganized EMR, doing my ultrasound reports is like jumping into an a crystal clear pool after crawling through the hot jungle!!!

From the installation and training, to the technical support, AS has performed way beyond any of my expectations.

I highly recommend the system to anyone looking for efficiency, user friendliness and outstanding support.

Mary B Munn, MD
Director of Ultrasound and Prenatal Diagnosis
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
University of Texas Medical Branch
Galveston, TX

Baystate Maternal Fetal Medicine switched its reporting system to AS Software in 2005. We are still very happy with the switch, which has been one of the best decisions we made at my institution. The reporting is very clear, and the referring practices love that. Having the group and individualized dictionaries helped improve efficiency and consistency. The software is easy to tailor to our unique needs.

On that note, the software is very stable. Nonetheless, whenever we had a technical need or concern, such as upgrades, additions, etc., AS’s technical team is very responsive and accommodating to our needs and our timeline. We often had our upgrades after hours so that our workflow was not affected. We also use AS Software at all our satellite locations, making all our reporting consistent and traceable. In the last couple of years, my department expanded use of the software to other divisions, who found that the GYN reporting as user-friendly as the OB reporting. In addition, reporting for research or general reporting purposes is very easy to do, even for those with limited technical expertise.

We wish AS Software continued success. I highly recommend their reporting software for OB/GYN, and especially MFM.

Fadi Bsat, MD
Associate Professor, Tufts University School of Medicine
Assistant Chief, Maternal-Fetal Medicine
Director, Perinatal Diagnostic Center
Baystate Medical Center
Springfield, MA

I have known Ari Sandman, the founder of AS Software, since 1992 when he was a provider of Clicks, a DOS based application for ultrasound reporting. Soon after, he started the development of the new windows based application and I was happy to be part of the process by doing real-time troubleshooting. Ari spent tremendous amounts of energy to create a fast, user friendly, intuitive, customizable and dependable product; and this is exactly what he created. AS Software has all the above attributes and more. The boost of productivity for any ultrasound lab is immense due to the program’s ability to store and recall standardized tokens on demand. Our reports are complete and available to referring physicians in just 5 minutes from the moment the exam is done. This is high-quality productivity!!

However, no matter how good a piece of software is, unless there is quality customer support behind it, the result will be a waste of time and money. AS Software invests a lot in frequent improvements and updates of their software, and this is very important for us to meet increasing productivity and quality of service demands. I have been a loyal customer of AS Software for 22 years and have all the reasons to continue with them until the end of time…

Alexander Kofinas, MD
Director and Founder
Kofinas Perinatal
Brooklyn, NY

The AS Software ultrasound reporting system has enabled us to operate more efficiently and increase our productivity significantly. It is customizable, extremely easy to use, and meets all AIUM and SMFM guidelines. We document ultrasound procedures and produce professional looking reports within minutes, which our referring physicians love.

We are extremely pleased with the AS Software product and commend their great customer support.

Garo Megerian, MD
Women's HealthCare Group of PA
Oaks, PA

We have been using the AS Software system in the greater Portland Metropolitan Area since 2007 serving thousands of patients in multiple hospitals. We are very pleased with the AS System. It is very user friendly and has improved our workflow and efficiency, allowing us to implement a state-of-the-art structured reporting system. The AS Software system is integrated into our enterprise environment and seamlessly interfaces with our Epic EMR, PACS, and Voice Recognition program. From upgrades to product support, the AS Software support team is very professional and has taken care of us while providing superior service and support. The AS System is an integral part of how we provide care today and into the future.

Brian Burdett
IS Analyst
Providence Health & Services
Beaverton, OR

I am writing this as an earnest testimonial to the AS Software system which we have enjoyed here at the university of Alabama at Birmingham since 2005. I have a degree in Electrical Engineering and a fair working knowledge of programming, data base management and computer networking. Before purchasing AS I personally visited centers using other reporting and image management systems and spoke in detail to users of competing systems. Ari Sandman & colleagues have created a marvelous Product for obstetrician/gynecologists which is both extremely powerful AND user friendly; a rare combination for many turn-key products nowadays. Periodic updates reflect their commitment to continually improving the system with new, useful features. Using their Citrix-based “portable” version, we can access the full range of AS features from home, an important convenience at a teaching hospital comprising a very busy MFM service with 10 faculty, 5 fellows and 9 full-time sonographers. AS also meets the needs of our GYN Oncology, REI and Generalist faculty.

It is clear that the software team did their homework in designing a system that efficiently meets our needs. Moreover, when we do encounter system problems, their tech support staff is immediately available, intelligent and can quickly solve the problem. In truth, however, the vast majority of our AS “problems” have been eventually traced to issues with our users, the ultrasound units, the Windows operating system environment, our servers or even the hospital’s network. Regardless of the source of the problem, the tech support specialists can nearly always spot the basic issue and suggest solutions. In the rare instance that they’re stumped, Ari utilizes his programming staff to assist with trouble-shooting. I’ve yet to hand them a problem they could not solve. A more congenial and competent staff, I have yet to encounter.

An important aspect of our satisfaction stems from Ari’s ability to understand our unique institutional needs and go the extra mile to help us optimize his system’s features to meet these needs in the most cost-effective manner. He has been extremely gracious to let us try out ancillary system features so we can give them a real in-service “shakedown” before purchasing.

John Owen, MD., MSPH
University of Alabama Medicine
Birmingham, AL

We use the AS software reporting system at our small private practice OB/gyn clinic. There are three sonographers and five OB/gyn doctors. For years we have been using this system and we love it. It is fast and easy to use. Once you generate a current report, the measurements are auto-transferred onto the report right away, the sonographers can then put in any other measurements, the procedure and the symptoms. There is a section called Sonographer's Comments in which the techs can put their thoughts and explanations about the exam or whether pt was difficult etc---anything that needs to be communicated to the reading doctor, this section does not show up on the final report, but is there for the doctor to see-elminates the need for paper worksheets! There are 'dictionaries' for each section of the report with pre-entered sentences, symptoms, common phrases etc--you can add and delete phrases that you write yourself or use some of the already pre-loaded ones that AS has in the dictionaries already.

It is easy to move from the current study to prior reports to compare measurements or look up prior findings. It is easy to go back and forth from the images to report page. The image storage is really great, too--measurements and annotations can be made right on the images if the Dr wants to measure or note something that the sonographer did not.

The Help number is right on the home page and is available for ANY questions and they work hard and quickly to find answers to your questions and/or problems. All in all we love this reporting system because it is easy to learn how to use, quick and dependable.

Jan Munyon, RDMS
Great Plains Women's Health Clinic
Williston, ND

We have been using AS in our busy Maternal-Fetal Medicine practice and ultrasound diagnostic center since 2005. We have been extremely pleased with the user friendliness of the software and the customer service from AS.

After considering other companies and systems, we found that nothing compared to AS. The images are easy to access and the reports are customizable with templates built to the needs of your practice. The sonographers in our practice especially like the easy data entry and simple editing features which help keep our ultrasound department operating efficiently. They are also able to quickly review their images and make additional edits from the image gallery before submitting the study to the reading physician.

Our referring physicians and providers have commented on how well organized and clear the reports are. The final reports look professional with our name and AIUM logo, and it is easy to read in the HL7 format in EPIC.

We have had very few problems with the system so far. The technical support staff at AS is responsive, easy to work with and quick with troubleshooting. I highly recommend the AS system and I am very glad to be using it in our office.

Jeffrey Boyle, MD
Sanford Maternal-Fetal Medicine Clinic
Sioux Falls, SD

AS Software has increased the quality and efficiency of running an Antenatal Testing Unit. Of all the computer programs that we have initiated, AS Software has been the most reliable and requires the least maintenance. It is the most "user friendly" system we have ever had. It provides the Maternal Fetal Medicine specialists with a template to make sure all procedures are complete and the information is available in multiple sites so that patients can be cared for appropriately throughout the system. Without this program the time required for documentation and appropriate billing would be significantly increased and we would not be able to care for all our patients. The automatic faxing to the referring physician has enhanced patient care and improved the quality of care provided in the OB's office.

I wish all programs designed for medicine were as easy and useful as AS Software.

Arnold W. Cohen, MD
Former Chairman
Department of OB/GYN
Einstein Healthcare Network
Philadelphia, PA

AS is the most comprehensive OB reporting package I have ever used. It is easy to use and intuitive. In addition, it simplifies billing and coding, improving reimbursement. AS was the obvious choice for my practice.

Elaine Carrol, MD
Cadence Health System
Central Dupage Hospital
Winfield, IL

We purchased the AS software in 2019. This reporting system has made everyone’s job seem effortless and has dramatically increased our efficiency in our busy unit. The organized layout of the reports and its user friendliness of the system is outstanding. This reporting system allows the physician to generate a detailed, comprehensive, clear and organized report in such a minimum amount of time and with a minimum amount of effort. The imaging system is also fast and efficient. The setting up, training, and the technical support that AS has provided has exceeded way beyond any of our expectations.

I highly recommend to anyone looking for an efficient, user friendly system with outstanding support.

Karen Koscica, DO FACOG
Division Director of Maternal fetal Medicine
Hackensack Meridian Health
Jersey Shore Medical Center
Neptune, New Jersey

When we decided to change ultrasound reporting systems, our major concerns were efficiency of use in a busy unit, interoperability with our EMR and enterprise-wide PACS, and searchability. With our former system, we had experienced issues, some of them persistent and unresolvable, with all of the above. We had demonstrations on several new systems, and some of our faculty had experience with other platforms. We were most impressed by the AS platform and so the move to AS was an easy decision as the system that best fulfilled our needs. We were quite pleased during the process of implementation as we encountered few system problems and, in the year since we went live with AS, we have been very impressed with the reporting capabilities of the platform. In addition to our main location we have satellite locations that use AS and the integration is seamless. The entire AS team is quickly responsive to any issues and always a pleasure to work with. We highly recommend AS OBGYN to any MFM program seeking a new ultrasound image management and reporting platform.

Donald J. Dudley, M.D.
The William T. Moore Professor and Director Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology University of Virginia School of Medicine

Christian A Chisholm, MD
Division: Maternal - Fetal Medicine
Department: Obstetrics and Gynecology
Medical Director for outpatient clinics and labor and delivery
Vice-Chair, Medical Education

Here is a brief statement about our satisfaction with AS:

I am a member of a 10 physician MFM group, and we are extremely pleased with the performance of the AS ultrasound reporting software.

Probably the biggest improvement in our practice has been how well AS integrates with EPIC, our system EHR software. This has resulted in improved efficiency with patient flow in our office allowing us to be much more productive day to day. We can quickly transfer report comments as well as images into our patients’ EPIC progress notes, in addition to the formal report which is automatically stored in the imaging section of their record. With our previous reporting software, we encountered frequent down-time and other issues. This has been essentially nonexistent with AS. It works seamlessly throughout our practice which includes an inpatient service as well as multiple outpatient locations and satellites. We also appreciate the ability to immediately communicate the results to our referring providers both electronically and by fax. Software installation, learning, and support has been first rate. In short, I enthusiastically recommend AS Software for management of your imaging needs.

Eric H. Dellinger, MD
MFM Division Director
Prisma Health, Greenville Hospital

We looked at several other reporting solutions, but decided to go with AS Software due to the ease of use, features, and pricing. I have been involved with several software and EHR installation projects and expected some issues, but they were very minimal and were handled efficiently and professionally by both the hospital IT department and the AS group. I was very impressed with the technical support team that not only got us up and running, but were always available for questions or problem solving. The product has been very easy to learn and use. It has been a good teaching tool for both our OB residents and students as well as for our ultrasound students as well. It has made work a lot more efficient since we installed it. We are looking to also incorporate in our satellite clinics as well. AS Software has certainly worked as advertised and has been an excellent investment.

Bryan T. Oshiro, M.D.
Maternal-Fetal Medicine
Department of OB/GYN
Riverside University Health System – Medical Center
26520 Cactus Avenue
Moreno Valley, CA 92555